About Us

Herban Healers is an overall plant medicine company that primarily sells CBD but also herbs in different formulas for your overall health.


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About Herban Healers

Herban Healers was founded in the summer of 2019 and is still growing. Elliot wanted to make sure his distributors that he partnered with are authentic unlike a lot of herbal remedy and CBD brands that’s on the market just for capital. His goal is to heal people and to give off as much information as he could from his experience and studies. For more information and for purchase you can email our support team at herbanhealers.com We hope you enjoy and remember plant medicine is the best medicine for your health.

The Highest Quality Possible

All Natural

Our herbal products are homemade organically here in the USA New York City and from all parts of the world, Our CBD Salves & Bath Bombs products are organically grown in Central Valley California.

Quality Tested

The process is wild crafted, it’s legitimately Third Party Tested in the bay area in Northern California By Sensibee Solutions which is the distributor of our CBD salve balm for arthritis, inflammation, and muscle and joint pain.

Wide Selection

Soon we will be providing CBD in other formulas such as bath salts, edibles, and potentially tinctures.

About Elliot

The owner Elliot Thomas is an herbalist through books, herbalist colleagues, & The Alchemist Kitchen which is a top herbal remedy brand throughout New York City. He began studying herbs along with CBD in the year of 2018, alongside working & currently working for The Alchemist Kitchen. He felt in his heart that he would like to get into the plant medicine/CBD industry because of his experience, knowledge, & to help heal people with a brand of his own.